Career Coach Certification

Career Coaching is going to be one of the most exciting and fast growing profession in the next decade.

7 Focal Points

Step 1.1 : 求職信 - 7大聚焦點

運用7大聚焦點來搶到你的未來僱主的注意 (如你不能搶到未來僱主注意,你的求職信只會停留在他的 碎紙機中!)


1. 有名有姓 - 全世界最重要的文字 - 自己的姓名!

2. 強力標題

Experienced Manager with a Passion for Customer Service
Multilingual Secretary with a Typing Speed of 100 wpm

3. 熱誠段落

KSE (Knowledge+Skills+Experience) + Enjoy

4. 行動段落


5. 聚焦撮要

I am looking forward for the opportunity to present new and creative ideas to you in person.

"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do!" - Henry Ford

6. P.S.

P.S. Managing is more than a job to me—it's my philosophy in life; how to bring people together in a positive way that maximizes their potential.

7. ! - 最吸引人注意的標點符號!


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