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Your Career Tips

Top 5 Tips for Your Total Career Satisfaction

For an average person, we spend more than 30 years in our career.

Don't you think making your career a satisfactory one being you number 1 concern?

1. Do What You Love.

If you love what you do, you can enjoy the process. That is, 30 years of enjoyment. When you enjoy your work, you can do it well. A career counsellor or a career coach can help you identifying your career interest.

2. Decide Your Next, Next, Next Job.

If you aren't those who like to have a full career plan, then think about what will your next, next, next job be. What do you want from that next, next, next job? What kind of work do you prefer? Salary? Status? Industry? Small or Large Corporation? Self Employed or Start Your Own Business? When will be your next, next, next job?

3. Be Self Employed.

Even you are working for others, think of yourself being self employed. Don't rely on others to help you developing your career. You are on your own.

4. Networking.

I don't think I need to tell you how important networking is. When you have a great network, you can gather information easier to get your job done. You network can even get you a new job when you need one.

5. Update Your Resume.

Even you do not want a new job now, you still need to update your resume every 6 months. When you just can't find anything adding to your resume apart from that 6 months' additional working experience, you are wasting your last 6 months without enriching yourself a single bit.



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