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Top 5 Ways to Make Yourself Under-Paid

People always complaining that they are under-paid. They are so smart and hardworking but their boss doesn't pay according to their true values.

If this is you, think again. Can you be the one who make yourself under-paid? Here are my top 5 ways one can make him/herself under-paid:

1. You haven't asked for a raise. How can you boss know you want more? Most of the bosses are under very limited budget. They want to save more. If you don't ask, they seldom pay you more.

2. You haven't done the extra. If you want extra money, do something extra. This is so simple but not too many people will do so. It can be not fair at the beginning. But when you get a raise, others will say that this is not fair.

3. You haven't make yourself liked by others. Then it is very difficult to give you more money or a promotion. It will upset too many people.

4. You haven't keep your skills and knowledge updated. You are too "out". No matter how hard you work, you can't generate enough output to justify a raise!

5. You haven't make yourself valuable to your company and your boss. Rare things are valuable. Rare skills and knowledge are valuable too. Do you have anything valuable?




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