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Top 5 Ways to Make Yourself Being Respected in Your Company

You are hardworking, you deliver results and you are very responsible do not make you being respected. These are just basic requirements.

Here my top 5 tips on how to be respected in yoru company:

1. Be Initiative. People tends to stay away from difficult projects. Are you willing to take these projects, even without any requests from your boss?

2. Be Collaborative. Collaboration is more than Cooperation. You help others' success. You contribute to others' success.

3. Helping Newcomers. Even though the newcomer is not your subordinate. You at least get his/her respect.

4. Sharing Credits. No one will respect anyone who takes all the credits without sharing with his/her team members. Share your credits with your colleagues. subordinates, and your boss.

5. Respecting Others. This is simply giving and taking.




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