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How to Get a Job promotion Part 1

Promotion? Are you joking? If I can secure my job, I am more than happy now.

Yes, you can get a promotion if you master the Top 10 Strategies to get a Promotion. Here comes the first five and we will discuss another five in our next issue.

1. Increase your Value to your Organization. Your paycheck has no realtionship with your experience and your qualification. It depends on the value to your company. Are you indispensable? How can you increase your value or importance to your department or to your company?

2. Your Next Challenge. You can go nowhere if you stay where you are. Once you feel comfortable with your current job content, ask for extra projects, tasks or assignments. You might fail but the payoff can be great.

3. Meet with your Boss to Review Your Performance Once Every Quarter. Don't wait until the annual apprisal. People only remember recent bad things during formal performance apprisal. The information you get during this quarterly feedback can help you to improve continuously during the year.

4. Keep a Record of Your Performance. No one will remember your achievements. Keep a records of all your achievements so that you can discuss all these with your superior during performance review.

5. Learn a New Skill Every Month. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more capable you will be.




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