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Top 5 "Musts" for Your Application Letter

HR people read hundreds of application letters. If your letter cannot draw their attention, nothing will happen. You can even get an interview. Investing your time in writing a great application letter always pays off well.

Here are some of my top recommendations for writing an excellent application letter.

1. Always write to a specific person. No "To whom it may concern". Call the company to find out the name of the HR Manager. If you are serious about getting the job, make sure you show some seriousness in addressing your letter to a "person".

2. Ensure everything in your letter is Correct. Correct spelling, correct grammar, correct names, and correct dates. People want a reliable person. If there are mistakes here and there, how reliable can be that person?

3. Meet their Needs. Identify from the advertisement the needs of the company. Tell them how you can meet their needs. This is why they employ someone.

4. Design a Powerful Opening. People seldom complete reading an application letter. If the opening is weak, you are discouraging your future employer to read your letter. Tell them how you can meet their needs right at the beginning.

5. Keep it Short and Simple. Your application letter should not be over one page. Leaving most of the details in your resume. The shorter the letter, the greater the chance your future employer will complete reading it. Don't play with too much styles, graphics and fonts.



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