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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Job Under Any Circumstance

In these days, there are still lots of downsizing happening. Keeping your job can be essential for a stable life. The secret to keeping a job is to be as indispensable as possible. Here are some of my top recommendations in making yourself indispensable in your company.

1. Report regularly to your boss, even you have not been asked for. Every boss want to know the progess of his/her subordinates' works. Drop him/her a small notes, an email or a memo about your progress once a week.

2. Inform your boss well in advance any potential problem. Nobody want this kind of suprises. In case of any potentail problem, tell him/her in advance. Tell him at the same time what you had done to prevent this from happening.

3. Volunteer to do more. You are more indispensable if you take up more works than your colleagues. Of course, it means hardwork. But this also increases your visibility to other people (might be your boss's boss) in the company. It can be a good idea to serve on task forces and committees.

4. Enlarge your allies. You might not be able to find true friends in workplace but you do not need enemies either. Make others, especially those "powerbases" be your allies. Executive secretaries and human resources people must be some of your friends in your company. They can affect many decisions or at least they can tell you something about your fate in your company in advance.

5. Make yourself famous for something good. You must be something or you are dispensable. You can be either a great negotiator, a super salesperson, or you can be famous for keeping great quality or anything else. Make yourself famous for something good.



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