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Top 5 Ways to Win a Job Interview

Many people ask me about the secrets of job interview. Interviewing is a skill that you can acquire and improve. If you haven't been doing interview for some times, apply for some "not that important" job for practising your skills.

Here is some of my reccomendations.

1. Be Over-Prepared. Check everything about the company. Check their websites. Check their publications. Check with your friends. Check from the web (not just their homepages) every pieces of news and information about them. Understand how they manage their company, how they treat their staff, competitors and all other business partners. Check the name of their key personnel. Check their key products and services. You will become more confident or look confident when you know more about them.

2. Have Several Professionally Bounded Resumes. Dark colored backing and clear plastic cover looks great. Provide your resume to each of the interviewers. Most candidate will not do this. You stand out yourself. You make it easy for the interviewers.

3. Prepare Answers for All Possible Questions. Interviewers are not very innovative. They usually ask the same set of questions over and over again. You must hear them before. Prepare your best answers for these questions. Examples include:
Why do you interest in our company?
What are your strengths/weaknesses?
How do you get along with your previous boss?
What is your style of management?
Tell me more about yourself.
Why do you left your previous company?
Why do you feel qualified for this job?
Why should we hire you?

4. Interview the Interviewers. Ask them questions even though they haven't asked you to do so. Do it near the end of the interview so that you do not look too aggressive. If you don't ask questions, they either think you are too shy or show no concern about the job and their company. Both impressions are not good.

5. Choose the Right Time. It is better in the morning than afternoon. Both you and the interviewers will not be too tired. Avoid early morning. It is not a good idea to travel during the early rush hours. If the time offered by them is not good enough, request another time. Don't be afraid of doing so. Tell them you have a meeting at the time they offered.



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