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Top 5 Characteristics of a Winning Resume

Q: What makes your potential employer offering you an interview?

A: Your Resume.

Your qualification and experience persuades your potential employers logically. But if your resume "looks" great, it can emotionally attract your future boss.

Here are my top five tips in making your resume having a great look.

1. Professional Look. Unless you are looking for creative jobs, make your resume looks professional. Do not use more than 3 font types and sizes. Black and white is the best. Graphics is usually not necessary. Avoid too much bold, italic and underscores.

2. Keep Your Resume to 1 to 2 Pages. Long resume will just demotivate your future employers from completely reading it. You may find it difficult if you have lots of working experience. But who cares about your experience 20 years ago?

3. Use Short Sentences and Points Form. It makes your resume clear and others will find reading it much easier.

4. Use Reverse Chronological Order for your Experience and Education. The more recent ones are usually more important to your future employers.

5. Use Active Voice. It adds energy and power to your resume. Active voice is shorter in length too.



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